About DocOnNet

The DocOnNet system is a user-friendly and internet-based health-care system that benefits doctors and patients alike. It has been in clinical use for over four years (and successfully used for more than 4,000 consultations).

Essentially anything medical (such as rehab exercises, pre- or postoperative check-ups, follow-ups, medical advice and psychiatric consultations etcetera) can be effectively carried out via DocOnNet – and to a substantially reduced cost compared to traditional methods.

Up until now, the area of telemedicine has been cumbersome and expensive – now, it’s both easy and affordable.

It also grows with you, to always suit your needs. Separate modules for communication and administration add on to the journal system, making DocOnNet operate as a plug-in to your entire clinic.

3. DocOnNet – Internotoscope, tele communications module. E-house-calls, e-monitoring of diseases etc. Effective and long-distance state-of-the-art telemedicine

Video conferencing, one/two-way SMS, mail, fax
Strengthens your clinic and improves work-flow.

2. Health diary DocOnNet +    Patients receive a private medical homepage at your DocOnNet.

Patients detail their ailments…
…and you reply through the system.

1.DocOnNet Base – journal system online

Web-based journals that can be reached by health-care providers wherever you are. Including Smartphones.

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