TelexMedica AB

TelexMedica Kliniska Telemedicin AB is a privately owned company located in Göteborg. It was founded in order to develop, use and offer the DocOnNet system to small and large health-care providers worldwide.

The aim of the company is to make hi-tec medical help:

1. Available to all patients and clinics
2. Geographically independent
3. More affordable
4. More accessible
5. Safer
6. Less intimidating and more inviting; making it easier for patients to contact health-care providers sooner
7. Easier on the environment, by reducing travel for both patients and doctors.DocOnNet makes all this possible.The patient (or relatives/health-care providers nearby) emter symptoms, current medical treatment etc online to the patients DocOnNet journal. Interactive, intuitive and very easily understandable guides help to make the entry very useful for the doctor.

The doctor reviews the entry and initiates the personal meeting via video conferencing, phone, direct chat through the DocOnNet website or even via text messaging. Of course there will be times when a physical meeting will have to be arranged in order for tests, x-rays etc – but even then, the documentation made will be invaluable and shorten the process considerably.


DocOnNet (patent pending).

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