Welcome to a world where making house-calls over the internet is part of the daily routine.

Receiving and administering health-care over the internet is easy, practical and environmentally sound. Patients can be treated, get prescriptions, consults, have follow-ups etc.

DocOnNet is a system developed in Sweden for qualified health-care over the internet.

Most medical conditions can be wholly or partially taken care of using DocOnNet.

All clinics, doctor’s offices and hospitals can now use DocOnNet. The system is easy to use, and you’ll be wielding its full power in no time at all.

The DocOnNet system is extensively tested, effective and well established at several Swedish and Norwegian health-care clinics.

Patients, registered nurses and doctors have been using it via our own internet clinic  for years. Today, more than 2000 patients are registered there, and we have performed over 4,000 consultations.

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